25 - short film

Actress: Alyssa Owsiany

Directed by: Julius von Kauffmann
Produced by: Holly Rowden
Director of Photography: Jonas Blond
Picture Editor: Andreas Vestergaard & Jonas Blond
Production Designer: Sierra Van Arragon
Music by: Vivl

Casting Assistants: Spencer Williams and Lydia Riddell
Set Decorator: Lexi Cook
Location Sound Mixer: Evan Spicer

Lexi Cook as Girlfriend
Andreas Vestergaard as Boyfriend
Lisa Cumming as Friend One
Lydia Riddell as Friend Two
Sierra Van Arragon as Friend Three (Voice)
Carole McColluck as Bartender

Special Thanks To: Lauren Ablack, Eion Smith, Shivam Pandya, City of Toronto

Story Supervisor:
Sherry Coman